Artist's Statement

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I was born in Liverpool England, and was a child during WW2.  Wonderful books my parents owned in a small, but good library nurtured my interest in art.  I wallowed in the Great Masters work and dreamed of becoming a painter.  The hours in cold wet air raid shelters were spent painting imaginary pictures on the clammy walls.  Paper was a scarce commodity and my sister and I would cover anything we could find with drawings; Wallpaper, furniture, or whatever, if we could scrawl on it, we did, being sent to bed as punishment many times.

At the age of ten, I won my first art competition and was hooked for life.  At 13, I was fortunate to win a scholarship to Southport School of Fine Art.  There I was able to fulfill my dream of becoming an artist.  One of a large family of nine children, my parents decided I should work and bring in money at the age of 16.  This was normal for the times and I reluctantly did as I was told.

Time passes and I married, had two children in England and then moved to Canada where two more were born.  Now a grandmother of 11 healthy individuals I am still painting my heart out.

I try to place myself in a "category" but find this difficult as I paint in many mediums and many subjects.  I feel that the best description of my work is "A slice of everyday, ordinary life".  I paint in many mediums, watercolour, pastel, coloured pencil, pastel, ink and more. The subject dictates the medium I choose.

A glimpse through my portfolio will show the great pleasure I gain recording special moments for families to treasure. Commissions are welcome and executed with care.



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